All The Way

Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]


Me and you, together ain't the same

Wanna take you, own my last name

People get cautious cause

I just took your love, on an overdose


Till I find your love girl, I quit resting

You a loan (alone), it’s you I find interest in

If I be without you, confidence might sag

You a A+ plus you compliment my swag


Calling on an angel, please come and rescue

Then you showed up in a human vessel

And your faults, only make you special

I need you like a pimp needs an escort


Hit me with a text, hit me with a XO

When I found you, girl I let the rest go

‘Cause they know nothing about style you should dress them

You ain't fair to the other girls, you oppress them

Chorus (Martha Smallz)

You make me wanna go all the way witchu baby

You make me wanna stay

You make me wanna go all the way witchu baby

You make me wanna stay

Whether my day’s up or my day’s down

You’ll always be around

And whether the sun comes up or the rain pours down

You’ll always be around

[Verse 2]


Open up, be at ease with me

Have my heart, leave the keys with me

You deserve it, I’ma be the best for you

You come first, and the other place next to you


Nothing in the world, could ever compare

Every single moment we share

The crown and the jewel, the breath that I air

End my life’s cold and make you my pair


Pair pair, you the baddest, I swear

Can’t compare you to something it’s unfair

Whether fast lane, wherever, you come too

‘Cause my heart skips a beat whenever you come through


It’s like, more people ask what we gon’ do

Am stuck, in a pause, like water in a pool

And we go together like rap and a crew

I love you, so do the rest of the queue



You make me wanna X3

You make me wanna fall in love X2


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