By : Businge Brian Franco

Linda by Rema ft Chris Evans is Here To Stay

Sweet melodies that won’t fade, Linda by Rema and Chris Evans is a tale of love or work debate that portrayed a story affecting most couples. Its a tale of conflicting loyalties; should one spend more time looking for money or satisfy the emotional needs of the lover.

With the youth unemployment rate estimated at over 80%, this song resonated with the daily struggles of most Ugandan couples.

Rema plays the love thirsty lover craving for the husband’s attention, time and presence to quench her seemly empty love pit.

On the other hand, Chris Evans in his trademark husky voice played the lover that is trapped in the cycle of tireless hard work to provide for the family, at the expense of his lover’s demands.

The beauty of this song is not only the strong message but the contrasting styles of the two singers narrating a couple’s pain while making it a sweet sound for the ears.

The soft zouk bed gave the song a smooth sail from the start to finish. This is a kind of song that won’t fade; as long as love and money is here … and its here to stay.

By : Businge Brian Franco

Sheebah & Pallaso's "Go Down Low" Video Is So Addictive

Stop everything you're doing, whether or not you're a Sheebaholic - Pallaso fan, because we finally have a video that is actually worth your music obsession time.

A video that I say is a classic (Obviously, it is an African-fun related song, because why would we ever suggest you spend your time watching something not fun-related?).

The video was directed by Sasha Vybez who decisively didn't need to have it shot from South Africa or Dubai for perfection. A classic art in the making.

It was the girls against the boys -- dancing like they just had invented the African version of stomping the yard. Sheebah was all over the place with confidence that her team would definitely take it. The girls were crazy.

The boys led by the Pallaso had great and fantastic moves and .. wait ... Did I just mention that Pallaso danced, for real?.. You'd not believe it if it wasn't what you can see by yourself.

Assuredly, Sheebah and her dance queens did win the battle, their Choreography was memorable... the video is all 3:38 fantastic, you've to check it out. Like I said, it is addictive, once you start, you might never stop. (I practically watched it more than 30 times... but I still feel the need watch it again).

By : Businge Brian Franco

A Pass Wuuyo should Make Your Love Life Better

A Pass croons on and on in this lovey-dovey melodic tune. He sings about a love that has been tested, tried and stood the times. 

He sings with such passion that wets the seats and makes her eyes glow with ravenous lust of a lover upon return from a long safari. 

A Pass sings about a love one would be proud to show off to the world.

Wuuyo is a song you dedicate to the main chic. The mama baby. The woman that loved you when you had one pair of trousers.

The lady who persevered when you wandered off and ran into the arms of the whores.

The woman you put a ring on a finger to. The woman who will confidently say, “I want my man back”, when you ask her for a crazy sex position you learnt from the whores. The kind of woman who shares your name or deserves to. The woman that is worth spoiling on Valentine’s day. Wuuyo!

[Review by Bigeye]

By : Businge Brian Franco

Ekky and A Pass 'Trouble Maker' Music Video is Refreshing

Ekky has for the last few weeks been teasing us with posters on social media in anticipation of the release of her new music video Trouble Maker featuring A Pass. And it turns it was worth the wait.

The singer premiered the highly fashionable music video yesterday on NTV The Beat and like all the viewers of the show, we proclaim that this is arguably the best music video ever made here in Kampala. It was directed by Sasha Vybz and Josh Mwesigwa.

The video was given a retro feel with a disco set. The fashion wasn’t far from that as well with Ekky wearing everything from faux fur to a fringed top and lots of jewelery. A Pass who plays the bad boy character in the video led the men who all wore suspenders,  as he wore his with a fedora. The highlight of the video is obviously the point where Ekky finds out that the hot guy she has been dancing with was actually a ‘bloody thug’! The look on her face is priceless, you must watch this video.

Published, May 20, 2015 by Satisfashionug