Song Lyrics


Why you hating on me

Why you hating on me

Why you hating on me

Why you hating on me


Why you hating on me

Stop hating on me

Why you hating on me

Stop hating on me

Boy you paranoid , paranoid , paranoid , paranoid

I got a question

Why you hating on me?

Imma tell you this

Stop hating on me coz

you paranoid , paranoid , paranoid , paranoid


U say you got better education

I heard you got good graduation

Look who aint got education

Yeah who aint done graduation

Boy I don’t wonna rub shoulders

Coz am just lil bit older

Plus I think I’m way cooler

N u snitch ass hater boy



Tonite , imma go en hit ma favorite club

Right after dat imma go en hit the pub

Cuties with them botties put yo hands up high

Go ahead en swing them big hips gal

Lets make friends no prejudice

Get High like we are on cannabis

I don’t wonna make no more enemies

I just really wonna make more friends

Repeat Intro



No Hatred I don’t wonna see Hatred Yeah

I just wonna see people get happy en make friends tonite

Lanie Banks

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