Flying Colours

Song Lyrics

(Chant of joy)
Yeah.. BrainCeller
Kali 21
Ha! B.C
Let’s get ‘em
(The fame studio tag)

Verse One
Born free and black like my flag
Am a three bold beautiful blood piece
And that’s Black Yellow and Red
A racist just cannot run this race
We are a diversity of ethnicity
All types of black as we fashionably wear these coat of arms
So let’s court these arms so let’s quote these arms
For God and my country such a statement
Beautiful black
While we chop noise for those who like to make noise
Like empty cans coz my God is able
So…… Afri-Can!
With a beauty so strong like gorillas
Attract your world like bananas
Am an attractive black real Gorilla Black
Who read between the lines, pages,
Storytelling, pen to the paper
Kept paying attention till it paid back
Illuminated black
Huh../ On empty bellies and tired feet come on man am work searching
Because my nature is love
Am a leader who wants to serve
We don’t give in to the stats.
Am a hopeful hardworking black
Black, love other crayons
Fight sin there is a culture in black.

Because I am
Black Yellow and Red
I am Black Yellow and Red, Yellow and red
I am Black Yellow and Red
I am Black Yellow and Red, Yellow and red
I am Black Yellow and Red x 2
Standing out screaming out being proud singing out
For God and my Country
Because I am
Black Yellow and Red
I am Black Yellow and Red, Yellow and red
I am Black Yellow and Red
My Black Yellow your Red, Yellow your red
My Black Yellow your Red x 2
I am a diverse state but together am one am one
I am one Black Yellow and Red
I am Black Yellow and Red, Yellow and red
I am Black Yellow and Red
I am Black Yellow yellow and Yellow and yellow
And Black yellow and Red x 2
Black yellow and yellow and black yellow and (yellow and red x2)

Verse Two
Lights on, Light me, am ma light skin
Till you see what’s within
As the rays hit the waters in a far distance I become alive
Rising above these mountains of mentalities, seas of despair
Am ma mesmerize your eyes
With the prints of different design
With all these crossings
These zebra skins not different from mine
Staying ablaze under your Son
Jesus never runs out of calories
Won’t You colour me
With a fire colour please
For I know not but summer for a reason
Like the sun, we stay smiling all season
We rising above everyday it’s on
Caring less like we all a bunch of kids in the Sun
Celebrate in the heat
Splashing water to bits
We go wild in the sand
Below these skies no disguise
We delight in these delicious delicacies
In the land that frees us You provide different dishes
Making mellow in the Son
Breath taking beauty these sites, trees
Energy buzz like bees, this light
Literally am one with the Son
Lord for we are a nation
That prides in your creation
Am sorry you feeling hot
Am closer to Sun away from the Earth like
We are from Mercury not Mars
So He lights, We Nuke
My bright no fluke
I turn spectrum come take a look
Ug’s MC2

Verse Three
The feeling of red that’s flowing in my veins
Same blood that flows in mine flows in all of us
Like we all from one line
It’s the bond that binds us
Easily seen are the things that unbind us
These politics
Is not all sweet
There is a stronger bond that binds us
These pests will never bite or divide us
Birthed in the culture, love,
Marriage between man and woman filled with the blessing
That it team
The originality and continuation of black

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