God Over Everything

Song Lyrics

Everyday I gotta changes on my pictures. Mirror on the wall
I see exactly what it reflect. OR Maybe I'm just tryna dream

God Over everything X4 (Yeah)

Back on road. I'm back on road I don't feel right when I flipped back the page. Pancake was a problem. But now it's a different story things seems so different. It's a blessing from the most high. Nigga don't taste me. I'm down on my knees. I can never go low cause I'm lifted. Hallelujah I prayed to God Everyday
I gotta get it. going hard till we're gone
My momma thank you. You was my foundations. I'm grateful to my family
Dear Man Watchu waiting for

Hit the road X2.

Everyday I see the difference from my past now. Running out of pages on my passport
Money is everything (Yeah)
If you wanna be a boss, I swear to God I can tell you what it cost
This time money is mula
And we're playing the game
Who's to blame when we end up
In the hall of the lame
Radio stations don't wanna play my music.
I get mad when I'm writing
TV don't shows my niggas videos

God over everything X4

There's really nothing much left
If you wanna happen just follow
We don't wanna see your sorrows
Go to church pray to God keep your faith
No short cuts to success only struggles.
Yakwana Sokol kasilan maa kwess amsi stakal aii nonn taa Sokol. Asan sarafa bukun sahil Seli Lee rabuna huwo yau sika taa hajat kulu. Asuma kalamat taa nass kubar. Dee yau baraka Lee inta
Insa Allah bukra ita bukun fii Mahal Tani barau. Manjar taki zatu bii geiru Lee hajat tani.

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