Never Do Raw

Song Lyrics

RsR for Life
Big up to Djs Ug wide
Dj Mark
Dj Cream
Dj Cizza
Dj Mills
Dj Andrey
St. Ace
Dj Roger
Slick Stuart
Dj Beats
Dj Jamal
Dj Aludah
Let's do it like they ain't never done it for our city KLA.
Let's get it
Rap State Music
BigUp to producer Piz.
Verse 1
I said I did it for my city Kla like you never do
Find me rolling on another (J) like you never do
KingYCD be the name they know I over do
On a grind like Selector Jay gotta pay my dues
You can See Me get my juice
All my haters hanging loose
Am the new rule take these boys back to school
These are the jewels of the Cypher running through my mouth
I rolled the dice and paid the price
All my niggas know am nice
The only real is on the rise
Am on fire need no light
I make wrong look right
Blow up like a dynamite
And Pro-Gressing is a must
Till we hit and bust
All my life I put God first
We been on first laning while you just learning
Ma boys flossing ain't worried about the cost
Let's have a toast to the Music and the Life
Walai I never lie and ma girl ain't no malaya
Before I retire I might fire all these wack cats rapping
Am back snapping.

Like you Never Do x2
This how we do
And this how we do
Like you Never Do x2
Verse 2
I flow like a river
Cut like a Sizza
She shake like a diva
Smoking on refer
Am getting high with Eva
After this pass my Cigga
(Bang) Welcome to Rap State
This is Ug 256
Everyday balling like this
Baby shake the Ugandan juice
MA flow too ill get em all confused
I see them
Pause the game and I play it back
Take this track for another warning
She be morning till the morning
We see them hating niggas falling
Big up to my boys Ace and Tony Hyts.
Drake getting clubs turned up on a Tuesday
While I get it turned up on my day
I say we the best in the game
You can't chase
Play this game like chase
Problem lots of y'all two faced
Been walking Nbaaba tutuuse
Some of my Boys Nbaaba Bakyuuse
For the city Rap State Kebikyuuse
You mess with me on the block
Baaba bakuuse
Came from the gutter
Now we here so gawuunde
Black Yellow Red on flag
Nigga what you say
Am gang gang my life made of music
Kevin Rhymes sent y'all the truth is
With Atlas party on at Deuces
You can call me King or Cruzie

Like you Never Do x2
This how we do
And this how we do
Like you Never Do x2

Verse 3
Stop Playin with them b*****
A lot of them snitches
They all about the riches
Some of them are truly witches
Do more and stop the wishes
Fulling around I leave you creeping
And I got your girl on my bill she's tripping
She told me and real and your always tripping
In ma city KLA we lane switching
Stitching the game am thinking about my Pride
K. I. N. G ride or die
On my side we getting high
This the time we go to fly
Ma raps stated and this how I ride
Gang gang this the iron eye
Ma style legendary suicide
The revolutionary hip hop mind
You better hide
Look me in the eye nigga never Cry
Never lie try me unless you wanna die
On this am balling with niggas
You claim to be pulling triggaz
While we counting them figures
Ma Friendz turning to haters
Guess I'll see y'all later
Right now am chasing the paper
Sorry cant do you no favor
Gotta go and light up my flavor
Rap State Music

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