Man Cuts His Penis Off Because Of His Lover's Infidelity

Posted: 2015-10-26T06:59:27Z

A 37-year-old man from Nakatovu Village of Kayunga District was rushed to hospital after cutting off his manhood reportedly after learning that his lover, Ms Jane Nabisere, was cheating on him.

Mr Bosco Ssebagala, a farmer, was admitted to Kayunga Hospital after allegedly using a razor blade to cut off his private parts after learning of the affair involving a man in the same village.

According to Ssebagala’s mother, Ms Zewuliya Nantamu, who attended to him in hospital, his son was angered after he received information that his lover of close to one year was seen with another man in a bar.

Ms Nantamu said: “When he heard the information, he rushed to the bar with the aim of harming the man, but he didn’t find them there.”

“Later, he went back to his house, got 100 UGX and rushed to a shop where he bought a razor blade. He returned to his house from where he cut off his manhood,” Ssebagala’s mother added.

A copiously bleeding Ssebagala, who was in deep pain, reportedly started crying for help, which attracted the attention of neighbours and his mother who lives nearby.

Area residents later took him to Kayunga Hospital, and carried the parts he had chopped off to be stitched back. Unfortunately medics at the hospital were unable to stich them back.

A health worker at the hospital who sought anonymity said the victim may never again engage in sexual relations.

Mr Ssebagala said he regretted the act, adding that he did it out of anger.