A man who Had Sex With Chicken Allegedly Has Sex With Guinea Fowl

Posted: 2014-10-17T04:09:31Z

An Indiana man who earlier got convicted of having sex with chicken is allegedly accused of having sex with another bird.

Michael Bessigano, 42, was arrested last Friday at his home on felony charges of bestiality and killing a domestic animal, according to the Times of Munster.

DNA testing showed the feathers at Bessigano's home matched the bird found dead in the Buckley Homestead trash barrel, according to police.

Police said Bessigano was wearing blue jeans covered in blood when they searched his home. An analysis by the Indiana State Police Laboratory found the blood on the jeans belonged to an undetermined species of animal.

The suspect is said to have went to a local park and entered a building where guinea fowls were being raised. Witnesses to the incident proved to the police that Bessigano to sexually assaulted one of the birds, killed it, and attempted to hide the carcass in a trash barrel.