Vanex Spark Biography

Ronald Kyagulanyi stage name Vanex Spark (De teacher) is a musician born in 1991 july 22, with a degree in procurement and logistics management from Uganda Christian University Mukono, He is a son of madam Monica Mikenga and Mr Richard Sentamu from kamuli district Busoga, He is from a music group called Spark Bomberz crew where they sing as a dual with a man called Dr mash AKA Nyanzi Brian who is a big brother to him. He started singing in 2010 in a studio called spring studio with a producer called Nature they have now many songs from various producers like Rinex,  Wani, Cofix, Nature,Zuli tum, Ronnie Power records and many others. He has made songs like: kabaliga, neighbor, byesonsa, kawudah, ssejusa, majani,mr Dj, dance, endwaire, yesu akwetaga, nagano, weekend mood and many more. Contacts are 0704388842, 0773233780 and Email: [email protected]

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