Tyler Himself Biography

TYLER HIMSELF  is an African artist/musician/entertainer and song writer that started out his career in 2010 in the UK. He has performed on the same stage as Wayne Wonder, Darrio, Demarco, Konshens, Sean Paul and many more known artists. He is an International Recording artist as well as the C.E.O and owner of Xtreme Ent and Xtreme Records.
He does a fusion of Dancehall (bashment)/Reggae music with traces of Hip Hop culture. After several mix tapes at Flipside studios Coventry, he recorded his first single "Rags to riches" that sent shock waves in the west midlands where he did several gigs in clubs and bars. His music carries an uplifting and exciting message with an international approach giving it the ability to cross borders and appeal to both youth and elderly people.
He presents a dynamic presence that encompasses true talent and an identifiable freshness that separates him from the current flock of young artists that always seem to follow the footsteps of others. His third single "Back it up" has topped the Top20 countdown on Mega FM and is currently used on a Hot100 radio advertisement giving his fans a lot to expect in the near future.

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