Shama X Biography

Surname: Sekabira

Other name: Mahad

Nick name: shama x de writer

Contact: 0758410210/0700885939

Am a Ugandan teenage born from Rubaga on 21st Apirl 1992, went to biral Islamic school for ma primary and secondary studies, I began picking interests in music from my primary level but at home we were not allowed though I used to write some songs but by then I was writing already sang songs of western music.

In my senior 4 vacation I started writing a song slowly by slowly by the end of ma senior six I finished it and started practicing it, it was called darling and ma friends liked it which gave me courage to produce it out. From there up to now I never gave up in music, have been in many music competitions all over the country and have also released more songs plus two videos.

I have also collaborated wiz different artists like Maurice hassa(kaleke kasome) on his projects of the ghetto youth, still I have also worked with KCCA FC as their artist from Kawempe Branch. I  have also written many songs to different upcoming artists like me which have put then on seen and finally I started up a music group called Skyrise Muzik comprised of artists and young Queen and King dancers

All in all I like music and also give respect to all ma fans and mentors (Ugandan musicians) all over the country because they inspired me since childhood to join music industry

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