Rapson Controlla Biography

Rapson controlla real names Maliamungu Happy is a rapper, singer, song writer and a dancer from the westnile region of Arua Uganda. He was born in his home town Arua in the year 1992. 
Rapson grew up in many places like Kampala,Koboko,Arua and 
many more. Right from the primary level of his eduction, Rapson had love for 
music and showed interest in rapping, singing and dancing and this continued through out his secondry Eduction. 
Controlla was part of a major kareoke music dance group 
being one of the founders of the famous music and dance group in Westnile, The 
Junior kings that had Master Moon,Jigah Gbaraspoken and Controlla him self. 
He was in the dance group, later turned music group that finally laid the foundation for his music career. 
His hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, dancing, reading, singing, rapping 
and travelling. His favourate instruments are the voice and the guitar. 
Rapson has been for performances in places like South Sudan, D.R.C and others. He has been inspired by many strong leaders like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and others. 
Rapson has self determination and believes in hope and works for it day by day. He is always casual and likes making new freinds with great ideas. 
Rapson has always treasured some people in his life like his uncle Adriko Jimmy through out his childhood. He has lived life through his uncle's motivation and he worked hard to uplift his career.

''It is through the surpport my family gave me tirelessly that I chose to work hard on my career.'' 
He says, ''Success comes with determination and hopefully one day 
I will be one of the greatest artists in Africa.''

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