Melo Girl Biography

Her name is Anne.

She was born in 1982 in France and lives in France.

She is a Spanish teacher

She loves all kinds of music genres, she has a passion for Irish music and for African music at the same time. She plays guitar and bodhran which an Irish percussion.

She sings and writes her own music, basically a singer song writer.

Her first song is "Far away" written in french, english and luganda. She really loves  the Luganda language and a friend of hers (GP Walcott Eddy) helped in writing the luganda verse and the pronunciation.

Her engineer and producer is Ugandan Yung Jey, Rapcity records Entebbe, she records her tracks from home and uses the internet to work with the local  Producers.

Her second song is titled "Rythm of love" written in both English and French.

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