Mafia 1 Biography

Mafia 1 is a nickname for Hassan Katende.Born in Luwero and raised in Makindye,Kampala.He's a grand son of Musa Body(a known businessman in Uganda).
Mafia 1 has spent 10 years in South Africa where he runs his business and music as a carrier.

His very popular not only to the Ugandan Community in S.A but also the Johannesburg South African Community and has met with celebrities like the likes of Dar les(South african rapper), Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Bushoke, Gudlyf(radio & weasel), Bebe Cool and many more.

Mafia 1 has attended different perfomances in places like the well known Mount Casino, Coca Cola Dome, Sun City, Cape Town, Durban and he has travelled different countries including Namimbia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tz,Kenya etc...

Throughout his life Mafia 1 has been music oriented and has done different tracks like,Mandela Freedom,Baligeya nkona,Tebaagaliza ft Shiddy Style etc...
Mafia 1 is a named given to him by a Italian man after he attacked the head of thug gang in Soweto Johannesburg and handed in him to the Authorities & got him arrested.Yet he was not cop but a concerned citizen.

Also surviving after being held at gunpoint by robbers .Since then all South Africans call him MAFIA 1 TONARDO

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