Drey 23 Biography

Born Andrew Stephen Katende on the 23rd february 1995 ..in rubaga to the katende family ..i went to shack ( st henry's college kitovu). For my O level and Mengo Senior School for my H.A.C . Started doing music in my form three , writing small pieces of work ..and i actually wrote many many songs ..but i was scared to take it to another level so i stopped at writing ..The love for music kept on burning in me through out my high school but was very intimidated to step pon de stage.

I used to sing alot , all other artiste' songs and my friends would be like i cant sing i should chill out on singing plus all sorts of negative critism ..this shook me alittle and scared me always from getting onto the stage and thats how i dint exhibit my talent throughout my high school . So after form six ..in my vacation ..i went to a friends studio and its here where the whole magic started used to stay so much around at the studio though i would not actually go into the boothe to voice anything My friend the studio owner knew that i would sing but whenever he told me to go try it out ..i would fear ..with lots of thoughts straight from.my parents to my friend opinions


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