Cindy Sanyu Biography

Cindy is a Ugandan singer. She is a former member of the Ugandan girl group called Blu3.

She became a part of the Blu3 (3 Black Ladies from Uganda) together with Lilliane Lee Mbabazi, and Jackie Chandiru in 2005 after they won the Coca Cola Pop Stars competition in Uganda. The judges thought they make a great group and Blu3 was formed. Before that she participated in a local competition called the Coca Cola Real Stars. She won the 3rd placed position in that and was the top gal.

Blu3?s debut, Hitaji, was a success in Uganda. Cindy and Blu3 embarked on a national tour and performed at various events across the African continent. Blu3s second album, Burn was released in 2007 and was highly successful as well.

In 2008, after a misunderstanding, Cindy was fired from the group and she left to pursue other interests. Later that year, she released her first single, Mbikooye.

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