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Crispus Otim III (Born July 7, 1987) better known by his stage name ‘’4GB’’ is an African recording artist, occasional Actor and the Back Bone of the critically acclaimed hip hop Group,-THE SLIT-THROAT MUSIC- He is also the Founder and Chief executive officer (CEO) of The Slit-Throat Music Group Label.

1987-2014: Early life and career beginnings:
4GB was born Crispus Otim III on July 7, 1987, in The Project Quarters of Nakawa, Kampala City. Crispus and his family soon relocated to KTL, Kitintale New Village, where he grew up. In 2010 Crispus ‘’4GB’’ formed the Rap Group now internationally known By Moniker THE SLIT-THROAT Music Group.

With His Hustler Ambition and Endless Hard work the group eventually Gave Birth to a Franchise Under the Name ‘’SLIT-THROAT’’ Which includes a Hip Hop CLOTHING Line, MUSIC and a RECORDING Studio Best known as The DOPPLER STUDIOS, all this from 2010 to Date with this at his feet 4GB released Exclusive Audio Footage under the label. All through this Hustle 4GB was more open to features and now Focusing more on himself as a mainstream solo Rap Artist.
2010-present: Solo career, SLIT-THROAT Music and The FR33DOM:

4GB Acronym for [4times a Greater Being] has earned this. When you litter two decades of hip-hop with landmark verses, when your talent/POETRY is so known and you can hold it down in any area code, when you’ve been in the game and st

ill sound as fresh to death as he does, when you’ve rocked the stage and still held your own, then…and only then…can you name your album ''THE FR33DOM''.
With wisdom in his lyrics and feeling in his voice, 4GB has spent the last years entrenching himself in the upper echelons of the rap game.—his rhymes have never sounded so potent; his voice never so evocative.

“People are always trying to redefine themselves, re-invent themselves,” says 4GB.

“But I’m not selling you a lifestyle; I’m not selling you rims; I’m giving you my art and I’m trying to entertain you. And there’s value in that.”

THE FR33DOM with it’s eclectic collection of guests, producers and sounds transcends sub-genres and geography. Leave the pigeon-holes for the birds, this is simply a filler-free rap album from one of the finest pound-for-pound MC’s in the game.

“Sure, things are different out there; music sounds differently, it gets made differently and it gets listened to and talked about differently. But it’s still music. And you still have to come with heat.” <<<<I am me, Iam THEofficial4GB.

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