Song Lyrics

Call me A Pass
BeatZ DaKay
Wa Me Say Everyday
Twookya (Wolano)
Nva Kampala If you do know
Fi di ladies demo

[Verse 1]

gyal she a wyne in a pool party
she get dirty me washing her panty
way too clean (oh) she so dirty
she tell me she want a private party
she need it she give away too quick
me quirky ting coulda never come too quick
she say me like nike me way too tick
and when me a leave she a call on me

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 2]

she tell me me sweet pondi voice like Drake
she tell me her boyfriend a way too fake
she wa me fi eat her birthday cake
rastaman so me never participate (Uhhhhm)
Gyal study me she gonna pass class
she look fi me all over di campus
she eye teacher inna di school bus
come fi di A Pass and get a A Class
Bad man come in me no need no entourage
She want it from di front and she want it from di back
me coulda do dat and come back
play back rewind and pause

[Repeat Hook]

[Repeat Verse 1]

A so me come again
she wa me burn it op again me burn it again
she wa me burn it op again me burn it again
she wa me burn it op again me burn it again
me burn it again…. me burn it.

[Repeat Hook]


she want me fi taste her body someday
(A dat weh you wa me fi do)
she want me fi touch her body someday
(A dis weh you wa me fi do)
she give me to me sunday to monday
(Me love everyting we ya do)
Kyenva mugamba gyangu tugende
(Fi get fire inna pot like you)

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