Double Trouble

Song Lyrics


All Di Riddim Who No See Me No Say That U See The General
All Di Riddim Ah Mi Seh Chamilitah Come De General
No Matter How U Some Bouy U Neva Call
No Matter What Dem Talk You Not Moved At All
Nd No Matter Wat Dem Do Mi De General
Mi Nuh Scared At Dem Internationale Dont Scare We
We Are The Leader So U Cant Leader We
We Can Deliver So U Cant Deliver We
We Are One Army We Fear No One Dont Scare We
We Are The Future U Cant Future We
We Are The Teacher U Cant Teacha We Are One Army We Move As One Hehe
Double Di Trouble Chamili Double Di Trouble Double Trouble*4

Never Lose Focus Nd Look Inna De Future
Raise Up In The Morning By The Alarm Of Yo Rusta
Nd No Body Condemn Yo Ply Nd Claim Say U R A Loser
Neva Be A Loser Inna Yo Lyf U Can Manvour.

Serious Business We Noda Fear Yo Drama
Am A Lyrical Nuclear Ah Could Cause U Trauma
Fi De Young Nd Old Older Elder Nd Grandma
We Working So Hard So We Wake Up Inna White Pyjama

No Matter What Dem Talk Mi De General
Mi Nuh Scared At Dem Internationale
No Matter Wat They Do I Aint Moved At All
I Still Stand Tall
Not Afraid At Tide.Dont Scare Me
Lyrical Fitness We Double Di Trouble
On Nd On On Nd On We Double Di Trouble Double Di Trouble
Beats Till Fade.

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