Song Lyrics

Intro... (Phone rings)
Saying please hang
up and try again.

(Trade Mark comes in)
... City Drumboy...

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah!
City Drumboy the
Beats Killer.
Along side Dero Magic
Wuuh Yeah!
Yeah yeah Yah!
Mmm mmmh!

(Chorus) (City Drumboy)

Gwakimala (You make it happen)
everything is wetta
Gwakimala Gwe my baby huh!
Oh wuuh! Oh Eeh eh Huh Ah!
Gwakimala your my Baby
Everything about you is fire now

Wuh Wuh!
Wuh Wuh!

(Verse 1) (Dero Magic)
I love you mama
Pretty Kyana (Beautiful girl)
Come be with you
If things still aint right
Right... still right ...ayit!
You make me wanna
sing Oh nana
Onkubisa endulu (Make me Scream)
Nana nana!
Na huh! Nana nana!
Your body shaped like
a Coca cola bottle
When I see you
I wanna call your Totto (parent)

(City Drumboy Says)
Ya Know what we re talking
about tonight it s all about the flow
of the music.

(Chorus repeats)

(Verse 2) (City Drumboy)
Your ma girl and ma tower
Everytime I see Sunshine
and beauty
Ma African Queen

Take me to your sister
Take me to your mama
Let me see your Ssenga! (aunt)
Let me put a ring pan
Your finger
Tonight tonight
Coz I wanna be your .. your
Your Ah!
Tonight tonight huh Ah!
Dont deny I love you
Ma baby
Tombusabusa (Don t doubt me)
ma lady
Your body good
Your shape is nice
I love you ma baby
ma controller.

(Chorus Repeats.)
(Chorus Repeats)


End of the song..
(Written Produced by City Drumboy)

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