Danger Zone


Song Lyrics

(Verse 1)
At first i thought i was unboggable
Infact you made me shakable
Baby,what's wrong with you
Eh eh eh eh eh mhhhh mhh!!
You make me die for you
You must be a magician
Yo love is so strong that makes me go crazy

Yo love takes me away
To a dangerzone
To a danger zone

(Verse 2)

Yes am smiling and you know the reason
My hrt is pumping pumping for you
You better call on 911
To come and rescue me
Police i tell you i really love him
Even though you take me i really want him
He's my everything i really love him
He'smy futer husband



This is love if yo here with me
If yo here with me
Show it all if yo here with me
If yo here with me
Coz i need it
And you know it
Coz i need it
And u know it aauuuhhh


By Retta Roz.

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