South Africa is my Second Home - Pallaso

Posted: 2021-03-02T08:09:05Z Read: 1,064 times
South Africa is my Second Home - Pallaso

Musician Pallaso is currently on a South African for the "Malamu" tour concert. 

The singer disclosed that South Africa is home away from Kampala and because of the massive support he receives there, he will always go back.

"South Africa is home away from home, whenever I am here, I feel real love," he partly said in a television interview in South Africa.

A year ago, Pallaso narrowly survived meeting his ancestors after falling victim to Xenophobia attacks in Tefetonia, a suburb in Johannesburg. 

A year later, the singer has returned to the same capital and performed for his fans. 

During an Instagram live video, Pallaso said that the fans in South Africa had apologized for what had happened last year. “They apologized. That is why they invited me. They are good people. It was just something that happened and we can’t keep in the past,” he concluded.

Pallaso is still in South Africa where he is expected to shoot several music videos