Mc Kats Unbothered by Fille's Revelations

Posted: 2020-05-26T07:42:37Z
Mc Kats Unbothered by Fille's Revelations

Pencil sized  Edwin Katamba aka Mc Kats is not worried about Fille's revelations about their love life.

Mc Kats says he shouldn't be judged by people who haven't walked in his shoes.

He said he is strong enough to face anything that may come up to push him to the edge.

"Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life I am living and if you get as far as I am, just may be you will see how strong I really I am," 
Mc Kats posted.

Fille revealed that Mc Kats had turned her into a punching bag during their relationship. She also said he cheated on her countless times and he didn't care about her feelings.