Sisterly Drama....Kim Kardashian Fights With Kylie Jenner

Posted: 2016-01-08T07:17:38Z
Sisterly Drama....Kim Kardashian Fights With Kylie Jenner

Uh oh, we’ve got some sisterly tension in the Kardashian/Jenner household. has reprted that Kylie is finally rebelling against her controlling sister Kim and is no longer worshipping her big sis like she used to!

Now that Kylie Jenner is an 18-year-old adult, she’s been making more and more of her own life decisions, and that isn’t sitting well with older sister Kim Kardashian, 35. Kylizzle used to hang on Kim’s every word of advice and wanted to be just like her, but now that she’s creating her own brand and following that’s all changed. Apparently she’s no longer doing everything Kim tells her to do, and that spells clashing trouble between the reality stars!

“Kim and Kylie love each other so much, but they fight because Kylie’s very strong-willed and Kim always thinks she knows best. Kim gets frustrated when Kylie won’t listen to her advice,” a source tells . “Kylie used to idolize Kim. It used to be that whatever Kim said was gospel. But Kylie’s growing up, she has her own opinions and she’s been rebelling against Kim and it’s causing tension, there are growing pains,” our source adds.

Kylie has totally been calling the shots in her life ever since her Aug. birthday, from launching a coveted lip kit, to having a mega-successful app and a super popular Snapchat. So whatever Kylie’s doing she’s certainly winning at it, and it appears Kim hasn’t had a hand in any of that success!

Our insider adds, “Kim worries Kylie isn’t working hard enough and she feels like she has to be the one to discipline her. But these days Kylie hardly listens to her, a lot of the time she acts like she knows best.” Well, Kylie does own social media these days so perhaps the youngest sister in the family actually knows what she’s doing!

Maybe Kim’s just getting a little case of the jellies that her little sister has outshined her on social media. But watch out Kylie, Kim’s coming out with her own Snapchat soon and might even use it to it to debut new son Saint West in order to get a massive following. Oh the sisterly drama!