Huh?…Judith Heard Cries On WBS TV Interview!

Posted: 2015-09-11T07:25:09Z

She maybe having a controversial lifestyle, but Judith is the most generous woman I have come to know! She is right now engaged in charity work; however she was reduced to tears during his interview with Morning Flavor Entertainment show host MC Luzze Andrew Anderson.

The ex-model sat down with the talk show host for to give a highlight of her ongoing charity drive in which she is helping the needy under her Judith Heard Charity Foundation!

But on being asked what motivated her to start the campaign #‎SchoolsCharityProject the model dropped down in tears before she could explain anything!

She tried to overcome the emotion situation by putting finger in her eyes with some encouraging words from Luzze, before sobering up to explain the whole painting a picture of what it means growing up with no parents from your childhood. It's actually this situation that drives JH ambitions for Charity work.

Well, right now JH is helping the needy, and if you want to be part of her movement to help a life, email: [email protected]