Bebe Cool Calls His Wife Zuena A "GOLD DIGGER" ... Um, WTF?!

Posted: 2015-07-20T08:31:44Z

Bebe Cool has now gone from insulting other people's wives to his own ... this just got messed up beyond all recognition.

The singer took to his Facebook fan page and shared a long disgracing message — Read it here!

In the statement, Bebe Cool refers to his wife as a gold digger. We're very certain Zuena was not happy after reading her hubby's statement.

In 2009, Bebe Cool and Zuena broke up after she allegedly found out that he had a child outside their marriage. Zuena was then rumored to have been screwing with Mozey Radio, however, there was no cogent evidence to support the claims.

BEBE COOL Loses ... Not Really Surprising, Here's Why!

Bebe Cool then released his hit songs "Agenze" and "Bamugambe" in reference to their split. A few months later, the two got back together. All this time we had no idea why Bebe Cool and Zuena reconciled, but the singer just revealed — what seems to be the reason.

The emotionally tortured singer claims his wife returned to him because she realized he started singing good music after the split ... and she had no choice but to return to him. That's the kind of humiliation that is FUBAR!

Pliz if you are celebrating me loosing an award, u must remember that, (a) when my wife-mother to my babies, my angel- left me, what would destroy any man, that's when I did the best music that turned every thing for me paka she had no choice but to return.

Bebe Cool's Statement Couldn't Be Any More Disgusting

Zuena is currently in the US where she'll give birth.

After Bebe's MAMA loss, she stood by his side and shared a public consolation message to him ... and this is the thanks she gets? Come on!

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