I Will WIN The MAMA Award Because Zuena Is Pregnant — Bebe Cool

Posted: 2015-07-06T05:51:03Z

After throwing a fun baby shower for his pregnant wife Zuena Kirema, Bebe Cool took to social media and said he will definitely win because his wife's pregnancy comes with all sorts of good things.

Read Bebe Cool's full statement here:

Bebe Cool's Post

True personal story.
Every time my wife gets pregnant, all sorts of good things happen to me. With the love of ALLAH, and the support I have from East Africa mostly my HOME country UGANDA, the first ever biggest MTV award is coming home insha Allah. some one may ask y not finish the house? and I will say it's just not my choice neither my worry at this time.
My only 8 year old daughter Beata prays it's a gal but she then says if it's a boy, she should be given the chance to name him coz then it will be 4 boys n one princess n she worries they will pick on her. I asked her what name she wants to call him in case it's a boy, she took two days n said DEEN (religion) and hence following the alphabetical too.
Then my 11 year old son Alpha Thierry says he prays it's a boy so the family can have more soccer players n he's also insists on suggesting the second name,guess what? OZIL. 
I asked him y OZIL? he said because that player is a Muslim n he's too clever in football though lazy.lol
If it's a gal, I WILL NAME HER .
Lets wait n see and may Allah take u through safely my wife.

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