The Ugly Facts about Aisha Nabukeera's Involvement in Miss Uganda 2015-2016 Finals ... Bad Idea?

Posted: 2015-06-19T12:33:56Z

Miss Uganda has had a lot of drama, since Leah Kalanguka, and this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Aisha Nabukeera, the girl whose evil step mother scaled about nine years ago, managed to pass the Miss Uganda 2015-2016 auditions on Tuesday at club Guvnor and was yesterday unveiled among the beauties selected to proceed to the Miss Uganda boot camp.

We all feel for Aisha and applaud her for being such a strong beautiful soul. We can't relate the harassment and pain—she had to endure after her evil step mother poured hot water all over her body—to anything in this world.

And for the second time, forgetting that he is a showbiz man, am giving Frank Gashumba the biggest credit you could ever give to anyone. He could have ignored her, just like everybody else did, but he instead chose to make her part of his family—and no discrimination issues whatsoever have ever been raised.

But, let's be honest, Miss Uganda is something different. Am not saying Aisha is not beautiful enough, but The Miss Uganda Foundation is taking this whole thing out of context. It's either being pitiful or in all likelihood, the team tested the benefits of having controversies in the beauty contest and they want to re-appear on DailyMail, The HuffingtonPost and The Independent, to make it a renowned controversial pageant—because that way, more money will come in.

It's often hard for us individuals to take in the facts, and as human beings, we make decisions using our hearts. In a case where you have to make a choice for a massive number of people, you can't chose using your heart, but rather your head. This brings us to "The Rule of Mental Balance - The Rational vs. Emotional Mind".

Someone will say, "when choosing the Miss Uganda contestants, there's a lot of activities involved", buddy, I know that already—but I feel like the acceptance of Aisha's involvement in the pageant was based on pity and the decision was made using the heart.

Selecting contestants is an activity based on using logic, rationality, and historical patterns as the framework but not with the heart—because the choice will be made using emotion, feeling, empathy, and desire; that in this context, is a bad framework.

The likelihood of Aisha winning this year's pageant is based on how likely it is to happen, which is more likely, if the wrong framework is used. Then, you will revisit this article and say to yourself, "this guy was right".

Mr Frank Gashumba, Aisha's foster father was very thrilled about the news—he will support her, and he hopes that everybody else does the same.

Ms Aisha Nabukeera and other contestants being unveiled at Serena Katonga Hall in Kampala on Thursday night. (Photo : Abubaker Lubowa)

Frank took to his facebook page and shared an update that reads:

"As Amama Mbabazi declares his Presidential Bid, our own miracle girl Aisha Nabukeera is officially running for MISS UGANDA 2015-2016. Aisha will have all my support during the contest. I hope you guys support her and also pray for her,"  -- Frank Gashumba wrote on his Facebook page.

The Miss Uganda finals are due to take place on July 10 at Kampala Serena Hotel.

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[Photo Credit: Monitor]

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