Bebe Cool Buys Zuena A Mercedes-Benz As Valentine's Gift

Posted: 2015-02-16T11:07:07Z

"Bebe Cool — Zuena Kirema" is the most popular celebrity couple in Uganda because of how they're open with their relationship to the public and media.

Bebe and Zuena celebrated their 11th year aniversary about 5 months ago and have for over 11 years been, as they like to call it, spoiling themselves.

11 years ago we exchanged vows & said i do,we also did the Islamic Nika.Like any other marriage we have our ups & downs but most importantly we respect,care & love each other.I never knew the meaning of love until i met you Zuena,with the way you spoil me with your pampering i can't ask for more except for many more years together.Love you everyday my wife. -- Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool bought Zuena a Mercedes-Benz according to a picture of the car keys they all shared on their social media accounts.

He shared the photo with a caption:

“A small gift for a special person u r ZUENA in our life, thanks for loving, trusting, caring and looking after our lovely family. From me and the kids.”

Zuena was more than ready to repay bebe with a great night of love … she wore a revealing dress at their Valentine's dinner to make the night more fantastic.

A few hours later, Zuena responded to Bebe's post with an equally adorable statement:

My valentines present..@biggyssali thank you for always spoiling me.Love you boo 😙😙😙