Thugs Break Into Kayz’ Rental Pad

Posted: 2021-10-13T19:06:01Z
Thugs Break Into Kayz’ Rental Pad

NBS gossipmonger, Kayz, has had a tough time over the past couple of weeks. And he will take time to heal.

While in Kitalya prison, thugs reportedly broke into his pad in Kyebando. It is said they took off with belongings including his boxers and crucial documents.

Kayz made the revelation during an appearance on NBS After 5.

He, however, expressed positivity and begged the thieves to return his documents.

Kayz is disliked by many musicians and public figures for poking his nose in their private affairs. This was evidenced when he was arrested over offensive communication against Omulangira Ssuna. Rather than pity him, a huge number celebrated his arrest.