I Can’t Date A Broke Woman — Omulangira Ssuna 

Posted: 2021-09-07T19:38:50Z
I Can’t Date A Broke Woman — Omulangira Ssuna 

Forever upcoming musician Omulangira Ssuna commonly known as OS has always been criticized for dating older women. All he has achieved is attributed to the women he dates.

He, however, denies targeting rich women for money.  He is only attracted to independent women.

“At my age, I only date someone who is 50 years of age. I can’t date a young girl of 20 or 30. I am very old for that,” he defended why he loves women who are older than him.

“Also, I like to date women who will add value to my life, either financially. I don’t want a girl who is coming to take money from me,” he added.

He confirmed that he will forever love older rich cougars because they know the value of money and hard work.