I Want A Musoga Woman — Ykee Benda

Posted: 2021-09-01T19:24:44Z
I Want A Musoga Woman — Ykee Benda

Mpaka Records boss, Ykee Benda has expressed interest in dating a musoga woman. The singer says he fell in love with Lusoga after re-doing Rachel Magoola’s song, "Obangaina".

The song has been received with mixed reactions with a section of music lovers saying he didn’t do a great job.  Ykee Benda is not concerned with the background noise, he just needs a wife from the region.

“I’m going to camp in Busoga soon and I hope to hook up with a Musoga woman who might become a potential wife,” Ykee Benda said in an interview.

Ykee Benda is known for cracking jokes about his relationships, but this cost him a lover.

 It is rumored that his baby mama didn’t like the way he often expressed his love for other women in public.