I Introduced Nubian Li to Bobi Wine — Buchaman

Posted: 2021-08-08T18:31:28Z
I Introduced Nubian Li to Bobi Wine — Buchaman

Self-proclaimed ghetto president Buchaman was once a great friend to Bobi Wine back in the day when they worked under Firebase Entertainment.

When Buchaman quit as the crew’s vice-president, Nubian Li who is now Bobi’s ride or die took his place. Bobi Wine and Nubian are now inseparable.

In a new interview, Buchaman revealed how he brought Bobi Wine and Nubian Li together.

“There was a time Bobi Wine wanted to close Firebase crew. This was after Toolman and other crucial members left. I encouraged him not to give up on Firebase. I had to recruit new members to keep the fire going. I went and brought Weatherman, Phantom Lovins, and Nubian Li,” Buchaman recounted in an interview.

Buchaman disclosed that he was the game-changer of the crew and nothing happened without his consent.

 “I am also the one who brought the idea of calling Bobi, President. I started calling him president and it stuck. Even his songs, I had to listen to them before he would release them,” he dragged.

It should be noted that Buchaman and Bobi Wine don't see eye to eye. They parted ways over ego and money related issues.