I Can Only Work As A TV Consultant- Straka Mwezi Roars

Posted: 2021-08-02T19:35:58Z
I Can Only Work As A TV Consultant- Straka Mwezi Roars

Legendary TV host Straka Mwezi was on top of her game before NTV  Uganda and NBS came into existence. At the peak of her career,  Straka was the face of entertainment in Uganda.

She hosted the 'The Late Show' on the defunct WBS Television for almost 14 years. With her vast experience in the TV industry, she confirmed in an interview that she can only return to TV as a consultant.  

She explained that her diverse knowledge in entertainment and TV hosting can effectively improve the ratings of the many mushrooming televisions in the country.

"I can no longer be employed as a Television host. That's not for me now, you can only hire me as a TV consultant. I am a trendsetter with an experience of 18years. I'm not bragging but I don't want to work on TV anymore, it's time to share my knowledge. If you don't have enough money, then don't call me," she said in an interview with local television.

A few months ago, she announced an online show after being jobless for very many years.

The show failed before it took off and she returned over the weekend on TV after taking time off to focus on other businesses.