Nina Roz Doesn’t Need Rehab — Daddy Andre 

Posted: 2021-05-18T20:05:36Z
Nina Roz Doesn’t Need Rehab — Daddy Andre 

A couple of days ago, an audio leaked in which Daddy Andre claimed that his on and off lover, Nina Roz had relapsed to abusing drugs.

This, among other things, caused a crack in their marriage. 

It can be recalled that Daddy Andre played a great role in helping Nina overcome drug addiction last year.

When it emerged that she had gone back to using drugs, many urged him to take her to rehab. The producer, songwriter, and musician, however, addressed the concerns, saying that Nina Roz is very okay and doesn’t need to be in a recovery center.

He cautions people to stop trusting everything they hear about them (himself and Nina) as some things are mere stunts to benefit their careers.