Kabako Advises Nina Roz & Andre

Posted: 2021-05-11T19:30:33Z
Kabako Advises Nina Roz & Andre

Team No Sleep artiste Roden Y Kabako who recently got introduced by his wife, Jazirah Ddumuna has shared his two cents on the ongoing relationship woes between Daddy Andre and Nina Roz.

Andre and Roz are currently not living together under the same roof. A lot has been said, and more yet to come about the couple.

According to Roden Y, the troubled couple is making a huge mistake bringing their problems to the public.

It can be recalled that recently an audio leaked in which Andre was telling a journalist about their dirty linen.

Kabako’s says a real man doesn’t do such and he advises Andre to desist from discussing his difficulties publicly.

He says the failure for couples to solve differences privately is the reason why celebrity marriages are failing.