I Want To work with Zari again - Fabiola

Posted: 2021-04-08T20:38:41Z Read: 1,423 times
I Want To work with Zari again - Fabiola

In 2019, Zari Hassan and Anita Fabiola clashed at Uganda's grand finale stage. 

The clash is believed to have started from Fabiola’s reference to Zari as Mama, which is a sign of respect but Zari couldn't take it.

However, those close to the two said their beef had been ongoing for a while and it is on that day that it reached a boiling point.

Since then, the two have not seen eye to eye.

During a recent interview with Spark TV, Anita Fabiola revealed she has no beef with the South African-based socialite. 

Fabiola also said she is looking forward to working with Zari again.