Big Eye blames fellow artists for Presidential snub  

Posted: 2021-01-07T19:38:32Z
Big Eye blames fellow artists for Presidential snub  

On Monday, several entertainers who have been campaigning for NRM like Buchaman, King Michael, Bebe Cool, and Full Figure met President Museveni at State House in a closed-door meeting. 

However, singer Big Eye who has been a staunch supporter of President Museveni was a no show.

According to Big Eye, he had no idea about the meeting. He was told by King Michael while doing a Covid-19 test. 

“He didn’t tell me. If he had, I would have been at State House. None of them alerted me. It’s only King Michael that told me when he was taking a Covid-19 test,” Big Eye said.

He blamed fellow musicians for the snub but said he still has the hope to meet the President. 

“I will not say much about the betrayal. I know my fellow artists are involved but it’s okay because you never know there could be a bigger plan for me since I am aggressive and prominent as my social media pages suggest,” he concluded.

Big Eye was part of Bebe Cool’s team during President Museveni’s campaign trails.