Sasha Brighton Pours Heart for Herbert Shonga

Posted: 2020-10-15T20:50:23Z Read: 2,967 times
Sasha Brighton Pours Heart for Herbert Shonga

Herbert Shonga and his lover Sasha Brighton started dating on Aug 03, 2018. And the two have been through thick and thin together.

The singer appreciates everything he does for her and she wants him to know.

In a long post, she promised to love him until the end. She posted,

"When I left the Nu Eagles I met this amazing person in my life, He promised to help me musically which he did because he loved my kambite song so much. 2019 was a very rough and tough year for the both of us  mainly him but do u know what, he never gave up. He lost his cars and businesses because of some reasons some of u know and the rest don’t but he never gave up on me neither my career, he could go with me everywhere studio, shows, he supported me whole heartedly because he never wanted anything in return in short he did everything he could in his capacity. If he had 1000 in his pockets he gave me the 900 and he remained with 100. Many always reminded him on a mistake he was making they told him how I’m gonna leave him since we musicians like they say we are users, a lot was said about me but words didn’t move him he continued supporting me n the same to me.

Many reminded me of how I was making a mistake fronting a man in public, how my career is going down because of him, nga bwansudde, nti omuyimbi omukazzi bwalagga omusajja in public that will be the end of her naye byonna sabifaako, u don’t know what this person u say that ansudde musically byankoledde in these two years we’ve been together musically naye alina mu kumagezi asobola okukitegeera nokukiraba. At the end of the day era omukazi olina kufumbirwa and what I realized is: ur fans will love you for who you are👌

Hebert I wanna appreciate you in these two years I’ve been with you I don’t regret a thing but I appreciate the effort jontademu you’ve really sacrificed a lot for me era nsiima byonna byonkoledde newendigenda wa ndi kusiima.

U know the truth down in ur heart nti am not a user, a few people I’ve interacted with know how good u are to me, the good words I tell them about you how you love my career more than I do. How u wanna see me shine more than any other person words can’t express it all because I have a lot to write but just know I appreciate you in my life

Nsaba Allah akudizeewo 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏