Robin Kisti Cries over Brokenness

Posted: 2020-10-12T19:11:57Z Read: 1,916 times
Robin Kisti Cries over Brokenness

Media personality and former NTV login host Robin Kisti  is currently grassing. She confirmed through a tweet where she appealed to her followers for help. She is searching for a job as a radio presenter.  

"I need to get back on radio so for  those who would want to have this voice on your radio, unemployment is hitting hard on me," she tweeted.

She got a new job a few months ago at Azam TV’s ChannelU where she was appointment the Production Manager as well as a host.

The channel is viewed in over 20 African countries.
ChannelU has a wider audience than any TV in Uganda and it promotes Ugandan content in the whole of Africa. Robin Kisti is one of Uganda’s best TV presenters.