Eddy Kenzo is Just Lucky Musician — Edward Sendi

Posted: 2020-09-21T20:36:48Z
Eddy Kenzo is Just Lucky Musician — Edward Sendi

Media personality and critic, Edward Sendi  described Eddy Kenzo as a lucky artiste whose musical success has nothing to do with talent.

Sendi was speaking on an entertainment talk show on Saturday when he uttered the statement.

“Kenzo got lucky with Sitya Loss. He has failed to release another song that is as big as Sitya Loss. It will take him years. He has released a number songs but none comes close to Sitya Loss. That says something about his talent,” Sendi explained.

Sendi suggested that Kenzo was only helped by the Ghetto Kids and if it were not for them, perhaps, he would not have made it to where he is.

Kenzo has won several awards since Sitya Loss and continues to clinch more.