Comedian Chiko Set to Wed in October 

Posted: 2020-08-13T22:02:33Z Read: 1,385 times
Comedian Chiko Set to Wed in October 

Comedian Chiko revealed that he will legally marry his fiancée Ofrah in October this year.

Chiko visited Ofrah’s parents last weekend and he says two functions, kwanjula and  wedding are already in the pipeline.

He says they had intended to have the occasions much earlier but Covid-19 interrupted their plans.

On dating upcoming musician Babarita, Chiko says there were never any romantic relationship between the two.

“We are just good friends. The stories that circulated about us dating were false. They helped push her music video,” he addressed the issue that he was previously dating upcoming musician, Babarita.

He says  Babarita even attended her kukyala.