Alex Muhangi Denies Involvement in Bizonto Arrest

Posted: 2020-07-29T22:05:03Z Read: 1,226 times
Alex Muhangi Denies Involvement in Bizonto Arrest

Comedian Alex Muhangi has refuted claims that he had a hand in the arrest of comedy group Bizonto.

Muhangi, however, does not dispute that he was used by security to trap Bizonto.

“A security personnel called me saying he had a gig for me and the Bizonto. He said he wanted to have a meeting with us. I put Bizonto on the line and got to know where they were. We agreed to meet a City Vile. But before the meeting, the police had already arrested them. I called the security guy and he was not picking. I knew there was trouble so I hid,” he said. 

Some people have been criticizing Muhangi for snitching, they have been hurling all sorts of insults at him. 

Muhangi is the Comedy Store boss, a platform that has helped many comedians showcase talent.