I Still Love Sipapa — Serena Bata

Posted: 2020-07-28T21:14:13Z Read: 2,263 times
I Still Love Sipapa — Serena Bata

Singer Serena Bata revealed that she still loves socialite Olim Charles commonly known as Sipapa even though they broke up.

Serena confirmed she made efforts to keep the relationship together but Sipapa was did not put as much effort as she did.

The two were dating for years until about late last year when they split. According to Serena, Sipapa restricted her from performing at shows yet she was releasing music. This created long standing differences until she decided to change management. She contacted Abbey Musinguzi (Abitex) but the idea of working with him did not please Sipapa.

Sipapa did not like Abitex because of their political differences. Sipapa supports NRM while Abitex supports People Power.

According to Serena, Sipapa put a condition for her to choose between working with Abitex or staying with him and she chose Abitex. She says she will, however, always stay grateful for the things Sipapa did for her.