Bad Black Cries After Setting Eyes on ailing  Bryan White

Posted: 2020-07-20T20:51:39Z Read: 2,622 times
Bad Black Cries After Setting Eyes on ailing  Bryan White

On Monday, glamour gal Bad Black visited socialite Bryan White, who is battling a yet to be known disease at his home after being discharged from Nakasero hospital.  

Many people have been wondering and questioning how doctors at the hospital could allow him to be discharged yet he is not well.

And when Bad Black set her eyes on ailing Byan White, she couldn't stop crying.

 She said in a live interview that Bryan White’s condition is heart breaking. 

She called upon celebrities like Cindy, Chameleone, DJ Micheal, and Alex Muhangi, who used to hang around Bryan White for money to visit him.

“He needs you now more than ever. He needs people around him. Chameleone, Alex Muhangi and others, please come and visit Bryan White. He doesn’t need money though enjoyed millions of his momey. He just needs to know that you're standing with him,”Bad Black called out Bryan White's friends.

She also  alleged that Bryan White was poisoned by his enemies.