I Am Not Dating Martha Kay — Ykee Benda

Posted: 2020-07-20T20:44:55Z Read: 2,296 times
I Am Not Dating Martha Kay — Ykee Benda

He has for a long time professed his admiration for Martha Kay. At some point, he said he was going to compose a song for her.

But in a new interview, Ykee Benda revealed that he is not sleeping  with Martha Kay.

Ykee Benda said, “Our kind of relationship is what you would call entanglement.”

Martha Kay also seemed to show interest in Ykee Benda although it all seems like comedy.

A Pass also claims to be  in a love relationship with Martha Kay, but Ykee Benda confirmed he (A Pass) stands no chance.

“Martha treats A pass like a brother. I don’t see anything beyond that. He was brother zoned,” Ykee Benda confirmed.