Most TV Hosts Sabotage Band Music - Carol Nantogo 

Posted: 2020-06-25T21:43:58Z Read: 1,344 times
Most TV Hosts Sabotage Band Music - Carol Nantogo 

Singer Carol Nantogo quit Gold Band Productions  to start a solo career earlier this year. She stressed how the directors of the band ditched their roles, resorting to politics.

In her latest interview, she said most TV presenters don't play band music. She blamed them for sabotaging all artistes doing band music. They refer to them as local artistes who don't deserve to be seen on silver screens. This has in turn limited their exposure and increasing their fan base. 

"Some TV hosts have adamantly refused to play our music. They refer to us as local artistes who are  not allowed to premiere our songs on such platforms," she said in an interview with BBS TV.

Carol Nantongo only got   invited for interviews on most TVs after doing  'Silwana' song with Sheebah but since then, it hasn't been easy to appear on TV.