King Michael Forgives Balaam 

Posted: 2020-06-02T08:19:42Z Read: 1,093 times
King Michael Forgives Balaam 

In a twist of events, musician King Michael has apologized to music promoter Balaam Barugahara whom he accused recently of trying to kill him.

For a couple of months, he been insulting Balaam and calling him all sorts of unkind names. 

Dj Michael met with Balaam and  asked for forgiveness. He claimed  NRM haters often fueled the fued.

“People who wants us to split have been fueling the fued. Today, I met Balaam and he is going to take me to the President. I am going to tell the President all my problems,” King Michael explained.

At Catherine Kusasira’s concert last year, Dj Michael asked for a meeting with the President which the old man with a hat granted but asked him (Michael) to liaise with Catherine.

The meeting, however, did not happen. And Michael has since then accused Balaam for sabotaging everything.