I Came up with Mirundi Character — Ndausi 

Posted: 2020-04-29T07:23:15Z Read: 1,862 times
I Came up with Mirundi Character — Ndausi 

Mimicking former Presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi gave Innocent Kafeero a shot to stardom. It has also helped him earn a living. Kafeero commonly known as Dr. T wouldn't have emerged if it was not for radio presenter Omulangira Ndausi.

Ndausi says he is the one who identified the talent in Dr T and helped him come up with the concept of mimicking Tamale Mirundi.

Ndausi says he found Dr T through Boona Baseka, a project for radio Simba.

Dr T was recently fired from Bizonto group where Ndausi is a director. 

On why he fired someone they helped grow, Ndausi says Dr T had became too political, and it was against the terms of the group.