Chameleon Car Saga: Balaam begs Ugandans to respect URA staff

Posted: 2020-04-14T08:06:47Z
Chameleon Car Saga: Balaam begs Ugandans to respect URA staff

Promoter Balaam Barugahare has asked Ugandans to respect Uganda Revenue Authority ( URA) enforcement officers. 

Balaam said it's the duty of URA to collect taxes from the people and this helps the government in running public schools, hospitals, infrastructure among others.

"My fellow Ugandans let's respect and love all men and women on duty serving our country. They're not our slaves but service people. The cases of disrespectful tendency are on the raise . Whenever you meet them treat them well. It's because of them  we have security we have good roads, we get medicine in hospitals, able to pay government infrastructure bills, pay salaries e.t.c. Let's respect tax Officers, Police Officers, Nurses, army Officers, Doctors, Council cleaners, enforcement officers at whatever rank, teachers, all kind of service men and women in the world. Respect Humanity,"  he posted on his social media pages.

On Easter, Chameleone was filmed exchanging words with Sam Muwereke, a URA enforcement officer who demanded documents for his Toyota Land cruiser V8. It is alleged that URA demands over Shs 200m from Chameleone.